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International Conference on

Chemical Safety & Security for
Health & Environment

8 - 10 December, 2023
National Forensic Sciences University, Sector 9, Gandhinagar-382007

Important Dates to Remember

Last Date for Registration: 26th November, 2023

Last Date for Submission of Abstract: 30th November, 2023

Organized by

Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

National Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat

NACS - National Association for Chemical Security

Univesity of Ladakh, UT-Ladakh

Conference Topics
Chemical Safety, Security and human health - General Perspectives

Culture, ethics, communication, classification of chemicals, exposure, human health in workplace, safety data, malicious use, education and outreach.

Sensors for Chemical Safety, Security, Human Health and Environment

Chemical sensors, nano sensors, optical sensors / optoelectronics, sensor systems, signal processing & interfaces, materials for chemical sensing, biomedical.

Chemical Safety and Security – Areas of Concern

Chemical Safety : Chemical/pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, Agriculture and food sector, consumer or other products.

Chemical Security : Dual-use chemicals and their applications, Control mechanisms.

Chemical Safety and Security – Transportation and Storage

Storage/inventory management, supply-chain management, regulations and compliance.

Surveillance, Accidents and Incidents

Chemical monitoring, surveillance, accidents, incidents, investigations.

Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Response

Chemical Safety : Chemical safety risk assessment and management, emergency plan and management, community awareness, training, capacity building, on-site/off-site emergency response, mock drills and exercises.

Chemical Security : Chemical security vulnerability assessment, emergency plan and management, training, capacity building, on-site emergency response and mock drills.

International Cooperation and Information Sharing

International regulations - Conventions and Treaties - CWC, AG, WA, Regulations for trade control - SCOMET regulations, REACH.

Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies

Network and data security/ management, facility security and emergency management, artificial intelligence (AI).

Environmental, Social and Governance

Resources and management, hazardous waste treatment and management, chemical toxicity, environmental sustainability and development, pollution, climate change.

Advances in Science and Technology

Green Chemistry, chemical alternatives, analytical methods for the identification of toxic chemicals and their adducts or degradation products, chemical forensics.

About Conference

“Chemical safety and security” refer to the measures to prevent non-deliberate and deliberate release of certain toxic or hazardous chemicals. Every day, a wide variety of chemicals are produced, transported, used and/or stored (in small to very large quantities) in laboratories, industries, pharma/agriculture products, food processing sector, consumer products etc. Some of these chemicals need special safety and/or security measures because of their toxicity or due to their potential use as precursors for weapons of mass destruction. So any intentional/unintentional compromise by internal or external adversary in their safety and/or security will be detrimental to our health and environment. Practicing chemists and chemical safety/security professionals need to be aware of the dual-use properties of many commonly used chemicals, and operate their facilities in accordance to the best practices, safety standards and/or their relevant conventions, and promote a culture of high professional standards that includes chemical safety and security. This conference aims to promote chemical safety and security by providing tools and knowledge to mitigate the risks arising from chemical accidents, incidents and potential misuse of toxic and dual use chemicals, including the threat of terrorism and forensic approaches. The objective is to reiterate the need for the education and outreach in order to drive the focus of everyone towards the goal that chemicals are stored safely, securely and used for peaceful purposes throughout their lifecycle, preventing any harmful effects on health and environment. The conference also highlights the importance of using substituted chemicals or green chemistry for minimizing the use of hazardous or dual use chemicals in processes. The conference will include keynote speeches, presentations, panel discussions, and poster presentations to provide a comprehensive platform for experts, researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers to share their knowledge and experiences on chemical safety and security. Ultimately, the conference aims to promote international cooperation and collaboration towards achieving a safer and more sustainable future for all.

Prof. (Dr.) J. M. Vyas, Padma Shri Awardee, Hon. Vice Chancellor, National Forensic Sciences University of India
Prof. (Dr.) Dr. Neerja A. Gupta, Hon. Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University
Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Mehta, Hon. Vice Chancellor, Ladakh University
Prof. (Dr.) V. K. Jain, President, National Association for Chemical Security (NACS)
Prof. (Dr.) Himanshu A. Pandya, Immediate Past Vice Chancellor, Gujarat University

Dr. P.M. Patel, Registrar, Gujarat University
Prof. S. O. Junare, NFSU
Shree C. D. Jadeja, Executive Registrar, NFSU

Prof. (Dr.) Pranav Shrivastav, Gujarat University

Organising Secretaries
Dr. Dilip Vasava
Dr. Manthan K. Panchal
Dr. Harshad Patel
Dr. Jasmin Kubavat
Dr. Mahesh Vasava

Dr. Clifford S. Glantz, PNNL, Richland, USA
Mr. Niazi Omer, CRDF Global USA
Prof. (Dr.) Michael gradzielski, (TU, Berlin Germany)
Dr. Alex Ibhaden, (University of Hall, UK)
Dr. Manmohan Parida (Director, DRDE, Gwalior)
Dr. D. Srinivasa Reddy, CSIR- IICT, India
Dr. Kannan Srinivasan, CSIR-CSMCRI, India
Dr. G. Narahari Sastry, CSIR- NEIST, India
Dr. Santasabuj Das, NIOH, India
Dr. R. V. Jasra, Reliance Technology Group, India
Dr. Radha Kishan Motkuri, PNNL, Richland, USA
Dr. Kirpal Singh Bisht (University South Florida)
Dr. Avtar Matharu (University of York, UK)
Dr. Hooi Ling Lee (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Dr. Sundar Manoharan (D.G. PDEU)
Prof. Rama Shankar Dubey (Vice Chancellor, CUG)

Prof. Y. K. Agrawal, L. J. University
Prof. S. O. Junare, NFSU
Dr. G. V. M. Sharma, Yajushi Labs.
Dr. S. Prabhakar (CSIR-IICT)
Dr. M. Suriyananarayanan (CSIR-CLRI)
Dr. K. Srinivas (CSIR-IICT)
Dr. K. Ravindranath (CSIR-lICT)
Dr. Subrat Sharma (UOL)
Dr. Lakshi Saikia (CSIR-NEIST)
Prof. Anamik Shah (President, ISCB)
Prof. Purvi Pokhariyal, (NFSU-Delhi)
Prof. Naveen Choudhry, (NFSU-Goa)
Prof. H.K Pratihari, (NFSU-Tripura)
Prof. Manjunath Ghate, (NFSU-Dharwad)
Prof. Satish Kumar, (NFSU-Bhopal)
Air Commodore Kedar Thaakar, (NFSU-Uganda)
Dr. PMS Chauhan, ISCB, Lucknow
Dr. Jaimin Vasa (GCCI) Ahmedabad
Dr. Vijay Tak (DRDE-Gwalior)
Dr. R. P. Bhatt, Member Secretary(LSRB-DRDO)
Prof. Meenu Saraf, Gujarat University
Prof. Rakesh Raval, Gujarat University
Prof. Anunay Samanta, University of Hyderabad
Prof. Sunil K. Sharma, University of Delhi
Prof. Ajay K. Bhagi, University of Delhi
Prof. Narender Bhojak, Bikaner
Dr. R. Narayanan (ICC)
Mr. Vijayinder Singh (OPAL)
Prof. Sunil Khare, IIT, Delhi
Mr. Shailesh Patwari (GCCI) Ahmedabad
Dr. M.R.V.S .Murthy (Former OPCW Staff)
Dr. Bharat Jain (Member Secretary, GCPC)
Dr. Narottam Sahoo (Member Secretary, GUJCOST).
Prof. Man Singh (CUG)
D. M. Thaker (Member Secretary, GPCB)
Dr. Saurin Shah, Silver Oak University
Dr. Pina Bhatt, Silver Oak University

Organizing Committee
Prof. H. D. Patel
Dr. Harjinder Kaur
Dr. Divya Mishra
Prof. M.M. Maisuria
Dr. J. J. Maru
Dr. Merool Vakil
Dr. Jayrajsinh Sarvaiya
Dr. Digvijaysinh Rathod
Dr. Bhoomika Patel
Dr. Prajesh Prajapati
Dr. Hemen Dave
Dr. Astha Pandey

Action Committee
Dr. Hitesh Parekh
Dr. Shibu Pillai
Dr. Bharat Makwana
Dr. Keyur Bhatt
Dr. Pinkesh Sutaria
Dr. Banabithi Koley Seth
Dr. Vinay Sharma
Dr. Disha Kothari
Dr. Syed Shahabuddin
Dr. Priyanka Shah
Dr. Nikita Mishra
Mr. Ghulam Ali
Ms. Nisha Padhiya
Mr. Mukesh P Chaudhari
Mr. Bimal Patel
Ms. Reena Hirani
Ms. Kalpana Parmar
Mr. Himanshu Parmar
Dr. Devansh Desai
Dr. Sanjay Kumar
Dr. Renuka V
Dr. Suraj Singh Yadav
Dr. Jigar Raval
Dr. Pranav Y Dave
Dr. Kanan Thakker
Dr. Rajlakshmi Chetty
Dr. Flora Shah
Dr. Karuppiah Nagaraj
Dr. Bappi Paul

Conference-Tentative Technical Programme

Time Session Topic
9:00-10:00AM Registration
10:00-11:00AM Inauguration
  • Welcome Remarks and Greetings
  • Introduction of the Invited Guests
  • Aims and Objectives of the Conference
  • Addresses by the Organisers / Guests
  • Launching of NACS Curriculum
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Technical Session I Knowing Chemistry for Planet Protection
Chair: Mr. Ron Orzel, ANL, USA
11:30-12:00AM L1 Plenary Presentation
Ms. Neelkamal Darbari
Ex. Chairperson, NACWC, New Delhi
12:00-12:30AM L2 Chemistry for People and the Planet: Integrating Sustainability, Security, and Safety into Chemistry Education
Peter G. Mahaffy, The King’s University, Canada
12:30-1:00PM L3 Integrated Learning of Chemical Safety, Security and Sustainable Development for Planet Protection
Dr. Murty M.R.V.S.
Former Staff and Consultant, OPCW, The Netherlands
1:00-1:30PM L4 Chemical Management
Dr. Ahmed Fahmy Youssef
Cairo University, Egypt
1:30-2:30PM Lunch Break
2:30-4:00PM Technical Session II Non-proliferation Issues
Chair: Ms. Neelkamal Darbari, Ex Chairman, NACWC
2:30-3:00PM L5 Overview of Non-proliferation Issues
Ms. Tobi Du, ANL, USA
3:00-3:30PM L6 Introduction to Non-proliferation Issues
Mr. Ron Orzel, ANL, USA
3:30-4:00PM L7 International Framework for Dual-Use Chemicals
Ms. Amanda Owen, ANL, USA
4:00-4:30PM Tea Break
Parallel Session-IIIA
4:30-5:30PM Technical Session IIIA Chemical Safety & Security
Chair: Dr. B. N. Acharya, Scientist, DRDE
4:30-5:00PM L8 Surface Stabilization and Decontamination of Hazardous Radioactive Materials Using Strippable Coatings
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, CFEES, New Delhi
5:00-5:30PM L9 Chemical Safety, Security for Health and Environment
Dr. S.P. Gandhi, GFL Limited, Gujarat
Parallel Session-IIIB
4:30-5:30PM Technical Session IIIB Advances in Science & Technology-I
Chair: Dr. Santasabuj Das, Director, NIOH
4:30-5:00PM L10 Waste to Value Processes & Technologies and their Influence on Environment: Case studies of CSIR-CSMCRI
Dr. Kannan Srinivasan, CSMCRI, Bhavnagar
5:00-5:30PM L11 Metabolomics as an Emerging Tool to Understand the Chemical Risk/Safety of Pesticides in Various Model Organisms
Dr. Mohana Krishna Reddy Mudiam, IPFT, New Delhi
Panel Discussion
  • Ms. Julia Randels, CRDF Global, USA
  • Dr. Rajdip Roy, RSC, UK
  • Panel Discussion – Experts from Industry, Regulatory Authority and Academia
  • Conclusion
10:00AM-5:00PM Students Poster Presentation Competition
PP-1 to PP-31
Time Session Topic
9:30-11:00AM Technical Session IV Chemical Safety and its management
Chair: Dr. Arti Bhatt, Associate Director, CFEES
9:30-10:00AM L12 Safe Work Culture
Dr. Mahender Rao Siripragada
President R&D, Neuland Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad
10:00-10:30AM L13 Dr. P. Manoharan
Ex. President, National Safety Council, Chennai
10:30-11:00AM L14 Chemical Safety and Accident Risk Management - Complexities, Recent Contexts and Strategic Future Directions
Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta, NIDM, New Delhi
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Technical Session V Interdisciplinary and Earth Science
Chair: Dr. Jagvir Singh, Advisor, MoES
11:30-11:45AM L15 Plastic Litter and Microplastics: An Emerging Contaminant in the Marine Environment
Dr. Pravakar Mishra, NCCR, Chennai
11:45-12:00PM L16 Waste Management, Recycling
Dr. Vijay Kumar Soni, EMRC, New Delhi
12:00-12:15PM L17 Environmental Performance of Yarn made from Virgin Cotton Vs Recycled Cotton: An LCA Case Study
Dr. Madhuri Nigam, University of Delhi, New Delhi
12:15-12:30PM L18 Navigating India’s Waste Landscape: Urgency, Challenges, and the Role of NGOs in Behaviour Change
Dr. Bhairavi Joshi, Tayyaram Foundation, Gujarat
12:30-12:45PM L19 Measuring, Managing, and Minimising Carbon Footprints: Innovative ‘Carbon Zero’ App Concept
Ms. Diksha Singh, Karnavati University, Ahmedabad
12:45-1:00PM L20 From Waste to Wellness: Digital Innovative App Solution Reshaping India's Food Landscape
Ms. Tanaya Naik, Karnavati University, Gandhinagar
1:00-1:30PM - Summary & Conclusions
Dr. Jagvir Singh, Advisor, MoES, New Delhi
1:30-2:30PM Lunch Break
Parallel Session-VIA
2:30-4:00PM Technical Session VIA Advances in Science & Technology-II
Chair: Dr. S. Mahender Rao, R&D President, Neuland Laboratories
2:30-3:00PM L21 Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
Prof. Shaibal Mukherjee, IIT, Indore
3:00-3:30PM L22 Designing Organocatalyst- Exploiting Spatial Directionality of Resorcin[4]arene for Catalysis in Aqueous Environments
Dr. Kirpal Singh Bisht, University of South Florida, USA
3:30-4:00PM L23 Catalysis for Safe and Clean Production of Chemicals
Dr. R. V. Jasra, Reliance Industries Ltd., Vadodara
4:00-4:30PM Tea Break
Parallel Session-VIB
2:30-4:30PM Technical Session VIB Waste Management and Pollutants
Chair: Dr. Subrat Sharma, Dean, University of Ladakh
2:30-3:00PM L24 Waste Management and Recycling.
Dr. Bharat Jain, GCPC, Gujarat
3:00-3:30PM L25 Status of Emerging Pollutants in India.
Dr. J. I. Nirmal Kumar, ISTAR, Vallabh Vidyanagar
3:30-4:00PM L26 Dr. Lakshi Saikia, NEIST, Jorhat
4:00-4:30PM Tea Break
4:30-5:30PM Discussions and Conclusions
Parallel Session: Students Oral Presentation Competition
Chair: Dr. K. Ravindranath, NACS, India
9:30-11:00AM Students Oral Presentation Competition
OP-1 to OP-7
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Students Oral Presentation Competition
OP-8 to OP-16
10:00AM-5:00PM Students Poster Presentation Competition
PP-32 to PP-62
Time Session Topic
9:30-11:00AM Technical Session VII Chemical Security – Toxic Chemicals
Chair: Prof. V. K. Jain, President, NACS
9:30-10:00AM L27 Chemical Security: The Role of Maturity Models
Dr. Radha Kishan Motkuri, PNNL, USA
10:00-13:00PM L28 Detection of Toxic Chemicals: An Overview
Dr. B. N. Acharya, DRDE, Gwalior
10:30-11:00PM L29 Unveiling the Invisible: The Toxic Signatures of Everyday Chemicals
Dr Astha Pandey, NFSU, Gujarat
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Technical Session VIII Emergency Planning & Management
Chair: Dr. G. V. M. Sharma
11:30-12:00PM L30 Chemical Accident and its Associated Impact on Environment
Mr. Arun Patel/ Mr. Irfan Kagzi, GPCB, Gujarat
12:00-12:30PM L31 Emergency Response and Control Planning in a Chemical Unit
Mr. Vijayinder Singh, Opal, Gujarat
12:30-1:00PM L32 Dr. R. Narayanan
Advisor, ICC& In-charge Regional CWC Helpdesks
1:00-1:30PM L33 Food Waste - Nature’s Periodic Table
Dr. Avtar S Matharu (Online)
Dept. of Chemistry, University of York, England, UK
1:00PM Lunch Break
2:30-3:30PM Presentation of Awards
Closing Ceremony



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