Conference-Tentative Technical Programme

Time Session Topic
9:00-10:00AM Registration
10:00-11:00AM Inauguration
  • Welcome Remarks and Greetings
  • Introduction of the Invited Guests
  • Aims and Objectives of the Conference
  • Addresses by the Organisers / Guests
  • Launching of NACS Curriculum
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Technical Session I Knowing Chemistry for Planet Protection
Chair: Mr. Ron Orzel, ANL, USA
11:30-12:00AM L1 Plenary Presentation
Ms. Neelkamal Darbari
Ex. Chairperson, NACWC, New Delhi
12:00-12:30AM L2 Chemistry for People and the Planet: Integrating Sustainability, Security, and Safety into Chemistry Education
Peter G. Mahaffy, The King’s University, Canada
12:30-1:00PM L3 Integrated Learning of Chemical Safety, Security and Sustainable Development for Planet Protection
Dr. Murty M.R.V.S.
Former Staff and Consultant, OPCW, The Netherlands
1:00-1:30PM L4 Chemical Management
Dr. Ahmed Fahmy Youssef
Cairo University, Egypt
1:30-2:30PM Lunch Break
2:30-4:00PM Technical Session II Non-proliferation Issues
Chair: Ms. Neelkamal Darbari, Ex Chairman, NACWC
2:30-3:00PM L5 Overview of Non-proliferation Issues
Ms. Tobi Du, ANL, USA
3:00-3:30PM L6 Introduction to Non-proliferation Issues
Mr. Ron Orzel, ANL, USA
3:30-4:00PM L7 International Framework for Dual-Use Chemicals
Ms. Amanda Owen, ANL, USA
4:00-4:30PM Tea Break
Parallel Session-IIIA
4:30-5:30PM Technical Session IIIA Chemical Safety & Security
Chair: Dr. B. N. Acharya, Scientist, DRDE
4:30-5:00PM L8 Surface Stabilization and Decontamination of Hazardous Radioactive Materials Using Strippable Coatings
Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma, CFEES, New Delhi
5:00-5:30PM L9 Chemical Safety, Security for Health and Environment
Dr. S.P. Gandhi, GFL Limited, Gujarat
Parallel Session-IIIB
4:30-5:30PM Technical Session IIIB Advances in Science & Technology-I
Chair: Dr. Santasabuj Das, Director, NIOH
4:30-5:00PM L10 Waste to Value Processes & Technologies and their Influence on Environment: Case studies of CSIR-CSMCRI
Dr. Kannan Srinivasan, CSMCRI, Bhavnagar
5:00-5:30PM L11 Metabolomics as an Emerging Tool to Understand the Chemical Risk/Safety of Pesticides in Various Model Organisms
Dr. Mohana Krishna Reddy Mudiam, IPFT, New Delhi
Panel Discussion
  • Ms. Julia Randels, CRDF Global, USA
  • Dr. Rajdip Roy, RSC, UK
  • Panel Discussion – Experts from Industry, Regulatory Authority and Academia
  • Conclusion
10:00AM-5:00PM Students Poster Presentation Competition
PP-1 to PP-31
Time Session Topic
9:30-11:00AM Technical Session IV Chemical Safety and its management
Chair: Dr. Arti Bhatt, Associate Director, CFEES
9:30-10:00AM L12 Safe Work Culture
Dr. Mahender Rao Siripragada
President R&D, Neuland Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad
10:00-10:30AM L13 Dr. P. Manoharan
Ex. President, National Safety Council, Chennai
10:30-11:00AM L14 Chemical Safety and Accident Risk Management - Complexities, Recent Contexts and Strategic Future Directions
Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta, NIDM, New Delhi
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Technical Session V Interdisciplinary and Earth Science
Chair: Dr. Jagvir Singh, Advisor, MoES
11:30-11:45AM L15 Plastic Litter and Microplastics: An Emerging Contaminant in the Marine Environment
Dr. Pravakar Mishra, NCCR, Chennai
11:45-12:00PM L16 Waste Management, Recycling
Dr. Vijay Kumar Soni, EMRC, New Delhi
12:00-12:15PM L17 Environmental Performance of Yarn made from Virgin Cotton Vs Recycled Cotton: An LCA Case Study
Dr. Madhuri Nigam, University of Delhi, New Delhi
12:15-12:30PM L18 Navigating India’s Waste Landscape: Urgency, Challenges, and the Role of NGOs in Behaviour Change
Dr. Bhairavi Joshi, Tayyaram Foundation, Gujarat
12:30-12:45PM L19 Measuring, Managing, and Minimising Carbon Footprints: Innovative ‘Carbon Zero’ App Concept
Ms. Diksha Singh, Karnavati University, Ahmedabad
12:45-1:00PM L20 From Waste to Wellness: Digital Innovative App Solution Reshaping India's Food Landscape
Ms. Tanaya Naik, Karnavati University, Gandhinagar
1:00-1:30PM - Summary & Conclusions
Dr. Jagvir Singh, Advisor, MoES, New Delhi
1:30-2:30PM Lunch Break
Parallel Session-VIA
2:30-4:00PM Technical Session VIA Advances in Science & Technology-II
Chair: Dr. S. Mahender Rao, R&D President, Neuland Laboratories
2:30-3:00PM L21 Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
Prof. Shaibal Mukherjee, IIT, Indore
3:00-3:30PM L22 Designing Organocatalyst- Exploiting Spatial Directionality of Resorcin[4]arene for Catalysis in Aqueous Environments
Dr. Kirpal Singh Bisht, University of South Florida, USA
3:30-4:00PM L23 Catalysis for Safe and Clean Production of Chemicals
Dr. R. V. Jasra, Reliance Industries Ltd., Vadodara
4:00-4:30PM Tea Break
Parallel Session-VIB
2:30-4:30PM Technical Session VIB Waste Management and Pollutants
Chair: Dr. Subrat Sharma, Dean, University of Ladakh
2:30-3:00PM L24 Waste Management and Recycling.
Dr. Bharat Jain, GCPC, Gujarat
3:00-3:30PM L25 Status of Emerging Pollutants in India.
Dr. J. I. Nirmal Kumar, ISTAR, Vallabh Vidyanagar
3:30-4:00PM L26 Dr. Lakshi Saikia, NEIST, Jorhat
4:00-4:30PM Tea Break
4:30-5:30PM Discussions and Conclusions
Parallel Session: Students Oral Presentation Competition
Chair: Dr. K. Ravindranath, NACS, India
9:30-11:00AM Students Oral Presentation Competition
OP-1 to OP-7
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Students Oral Presentation Competition
OP-8 to OP-16
10:00AM-5:00PM Students Poster Presentation Competition
PP-32 to PP-62
Time Session Topic
9:30-11:00AM Technical Session VII Chemical Security – Toxic Chemicals
Chair: Prof. V. K. Jain, President, NACS
9:30-10:00AM L27 Chemical Security: The Role of Maturity Models
Dr. Radha Kishan Motkuri, PNNL, USA
10:00-13:00PM L28 Detection of Toxic Chemicals: An Overview
Dr. B. N. Acharya, DRDE, Gwalior
10:30-11:00PM L29 Unveiling the Invisible: The Toxic Signatures of Everyday Chemicals
Dr Astha Pandey, NFSU, Gujarat
11:00-11:30AM Tea Break
11:30-1:30PM Technical Session VIII Emergency Planning & Management
Chair: Dr. G. V. M. Sharma
11:30-12:00PM L30 Chemical Accident and its Associated Impact on Environment
Mr. Arun Patel/ Mr. Irfan Kagzi, GPCB, Gujarat
12:00-12:30PM L31 Emergency Response and Control Planning in a Chemical Unit
Mr. Vijayinder Singh, Opal, Gujarat
12:30-1:00PM L32 Dr. R. Narayanan
Advisor, ICC& In-charge Regional CWC Helpdesks
1:00-1:30PM L33 Food Waste - Nature’s Periodic Table
Dr. Avtar S Matharu (Online)
Dept. of Chemistry, University of York, England, UK
1:00PM Lunch Break
2:30-3:30PM Presentation of Awards
Closing Ceremony